How it works

Is very simple basically we offer a shopping service which means that we'll go to the stores that you've request us to and buy the products that you want for a small fee of 10% before taxes this does not include shipping (we do ship worldwide), You pay us in Bitcoin before hand and we'll take care of the rest for you.

Why using our service

Let's imagine that our friend Alex lives in Breckenride, Colorado and he wishes to purchase a pair Gucci sneakers unfortunately for him there are not Gucci stores within a 100 milles radious, Alex does not own a credit card either but there is one thing that he has, Bitcoin!, Alex get in touch with us send us a Picture of the Gucci Sneakers that he wants as well as his size these particular Gucci Sneakers are worth $600 after taxes we charge him $60 for our service so he pays us $660 + $25 for overnight shipping worth of Bitcoins we gladly go to the Gucci store which is less than 5 minutes away from us buy the sneakers the Alex wanted so bad and ship it out to him the same day. Next day Alex has received his brand new Gucci sneakers and he is ready to rock them. Like Alex there are many people around the world sharing his problem and we are here to help them.

Meet the team

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Luis Acosta


Born in Venezuela in 1994, an early Bitcoin investor and active P2P bitcoin trader since 2014 on the localbitcoins platform moved to Miami, FL in 2015 at the age of  20 where he started his own Crypto retail store  (Crypto Corporation), currently trades crypto currencies as his main source of income and also most recently founded a Non-profit organization to help the poorest children back in Venezuela(Bitcoin por venezuela).

What's next?

Since you already know who we are, what we do and how we do it, If you are interested in using our services you must find out what you want us to shop for you right? so check the catalogs of the stores that we have access to by clicking on the yellow button.